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North Bend Blues Walk

This is a good thing!

I’ll bet when we say, “name a blues town,” you think of Chicago, Memphis, New Orleans, or maybe, even New York City.

I’ll challenge any blues lover to expand their ideas of what makes a good blues town and look a little closer to home!  What caught our attention was a web spotting of the North Bend Blues Walk happening in late April in the little town on the way to the Mountain.  That prompted a further search, and low and behold, what turned up was a full on, year-round calendar of local blues events, blues concerts, blues joints, and even blues radio, right here in Puget Sound. When they wrote the TV theme song “The Bluest Skies You’ve Ever Seen Are In Seattle” we know they weren’t lauding the cloud cover… it was the music they were talking about.  So if any of you are curious about blues to-dos in Puget Sound, let us point you to a few places where you can get the both the down-low and the lowdown on the blues.

  • The Feedback Lounge, West Seattle
  • Highway 99 Blues Club, Downtown Seattle
  • Washington Blues Society,
  • KPLU 88.5 Blues Time Machine,
  • The Triple Door, Downtown Seattle,
  • North Bend Blues Walk, April 26,


Every Sunday | 10AM-5PM

Fremont Sunday Market

Now that the spring weather and longer days are encouraging more time outdoors, the action is picking up at one of Seattle’s all-year street events.

The Fremont Sunday Street Market is a melange of street foods, local artisan and crafts people, with a touch of flea market tossed in.

Each Sunday happy crowds cruise 34th in lower Fremont in search or bargains, bites or treasures.  Rarely are they disappointed.  The smiles, the casual atmosphere and the amazing creativity shown by the vendors have made this a favorite weekend adventure for many Seattleites since the market’s founding in 1990.

Scour the street booths and neighboring markets for antiques, collectables, tools, music, vintage and new fashion.  Add to this the variety of boutiques and bistros that line Fremont’s main streets, and you have a day to remember.



Rapid Ride

Many years ago, traffic planners around the country talked a lot about “rubber tired rapid transit.” The idea was to use transit buses on dedicated routes with regular schedules, just like a commuter train or streetcar.  Now some three decades later, Seattle is enjoying its own iteration of this idea, known as “Rapid Ride.” Rapid Ride now has four major routes, taking travelers north, south, east and west on high traffic routes. The buses come at regular intervals, so you never have an unpredictable wait, and the stops are strategically placed to pick up a maximum number of riders with a minimum number of stops.

On my first ride, I enjoyed the speed and convenience of getting from the far reaches of West Seattle to the heart of downtown Seattle in mere minutes and in reasonable comfort.  Most of the Rapid Ride stops are well marked, have their own weather covers, and are served with readers that show the arrival time of the next bus.  On my second trip, I zipped in from Ballard after a long walk through town. Again, quick and reliable. My next adventure will be from downtown to Bellevue.  For anyone working in the downtown core, the new Rapid Ride service adds commuting convenience at a far lower cost than a personal vehicle.

Check out the routes and features at


Pay By Phone SeattleFor years, many of us have “parked by ear.” That’s not such good idea! Now, thanks to the City of Seattle, we can park by phone, a much better idea. Better yet, forget the PHONE part and use Pay by Phone to Park by App on your Smartphone!

Here’s information from the City of Seattle on how Pay by Phone can be put to work for you:

  • Call 1-888-515-7275, or go to or download the free app. Sign up and follow directions to register your cars with a credit card.
  • Park, then look for the Location Number on a nearby pay by phone parking sign or at the closest pay station on your side of the street.
  • Use your App to enter the Location Number,  choose your vehicle license plate number, desired length of stay, and make your payment.

PaybyPhone works in many Seattle private lots and garages, and in 180 cities in North America and Europe. PayByPhone adds a $0.35 fee per transaction.


Cafe Bengodi Seattle

Sometime great things come in small packages. This is one of them. Café Bengodi in Pioneer Square has an authentic Manhattan Little Italy vibe. Small. Sometimes crazy.

And a very tasty menu attracts a crowd of regulars, as well as Pioneer Square tourists. Pastas, risotto, veal, salads and some great inexpensive Italian red wines.

700 1st Ave.
(between Cherry St. & Columbia St.)
Seattle, WA 98104

Mon-Sun 11 am – 10 pm